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Featured Products

ECO RE 420 SW Water Cooled Cooling Thermostat

Water cooled cooling thermostat with stainless steel bath and control head Silver and Gold, 230V; 50/60Hz. Technical data (according to ...

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Proline PVL15C Heating Thermostat

Proline PVL 15 C - LAUDA Proline clear-view thermostats for the direct observation of the samples. Working temperature range ...

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Integral XT280W Process Thermostat Water Cooled Heated Power

Process thermostat 400 V;3/PE;50 Hz with integrated cooling system for dynamic temperature control in external circuits.Working temperature range -50 C ...

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Pro RP 245 E Cooling circulation thermostats with command touch

The PRO cooling bath thermostats for internal bath applications offer a working temperature range from -100 up to 200 C. ...

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