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Featured Products

BioSystem 70

Liquid nitrogen capacity vapour phase is 70 L. All Biosystems bulk LN2 refrigerators are designed to provide the user with ...

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Cryostor 120

LN2 Capacity 120L. Stainless Steel self-pressurising LN2 Supply Dewars. The Cryostor Series are designed as a main laboratory storage supply ...

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Biotrek 10

Number of Canisters is 4. Liquid Volume 15.8L. Aluminium LN2 Dry Shippers. The Biotrek 3 and 10 models are manufactured ...

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OD 6 Open Dewar

Capacity 5.5L. The Open Dewar series offers a range of open neck stainless steel dewars, sizes ranging from 0.05 litres ...

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