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Featured Products

Cryolab 2

Capacity of 2 L. The Cryolab range of dewars offer economical storage of LN2 within the laboratory for users of ...

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Cryostor 120

LN2 Capacity 120L. Stainless Steel self-pressurising LN2 Supply Dewars. The Cryostor Series are designed as a main laboratory storage supply ...

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Bio 8 Long Holding Time Refrigerator

LN2 Capacity is 8 L. Designed with the storage of smaller volumes of biological material in mind, the bio series ...

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OD 0.5 Open Dewar

Capacity 0.6L. The Open Dewar series offers a range of open neck stainless steel dewars, sizes ranging from 0.05 litres ...

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