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Refrigerated RB-12A bath, 12 litre capacity with built in refrigeration unit, 35°C to 100°C. These baths are a complete refrigerated ...

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Unheated Bath B-12 Stainless steel bath, 12 L capacity. Designed to be used with a clip-on Tempette or TempunitŪ thermoregulator, ...

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48-Well TC-3000G gradient thermal cycler for 30 x 0.5ml microtubes, 100V/115V/230V. The world's smallest gradient cycler, the TC-3000G will hold ...

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Full Size 96-well Thermal Cyclers. TC-4000 thermal cycler for 60 x 0.5ml microtubes, 120V / 230V. The TC-4000 is one ...

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