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Mason Technology - An introduction

Mason Technology is a wholly owned Irish company founded by Seacome Mason in 1780.  The current owner Standish Mason is the seventh family generation to head up the company.

Originally based near Essex Bridge now Capel Street Bridge in Dublin, for many decades the company traded as Thomas H. Mason and Sons. In the early days the company was known as supplier of “Optical and Mathematical Instruments”, a title which covered both equipment for science and surveying.

Throughout the last two centuries the company has introduced numerous technologies to Ireland for the first time and have being immortalised through the Mason Hygrometer, which was manufactured in Harlod’s Cross in Dublin and sold throughout the world.

            Essex Bridge                          Dame Street                    Parliament Street               South Circular Road  
            (1813 - 1894)                           (1894 - 1965)                     (1977 - 1989)                       (1989 - Present)

During the course of its history the company has developed strong partnerships with some of the world leaders in Laboratory and Industrial equipment manufacturing.

In 1989, the company moved out of Dublin’s city centre, to its current location at Greenville Hall, a former synagogue. The company also has offices in Cork and Belfast where many of its key customers are located.

Today, Mason Technology employs over 60 people. The sales structure is divided into specialised business units covering the following disciplines:

  • Analytical Equipment
  • General Laboratory
  • Microscopy
  • Biotechnology
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Laboratory/Industrial Weighing Solutions

Each Sales Business unit offers specialised and technical support for each of the disciplines.

The Mason Technology service team mirrors the sales structure, guaranteeing our customers an expert response whether the enquiry is of a sales or service nature.

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