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Nabertherm with 400 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of their commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to their complete inhouse production and their wide variety of standard furnaces.

Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability
Nabertherm does not only offer the widest range of standard furnaces. Professional engineering in combination with inhouse manufacturing provide for individual project planning and construction of tailor-made thermal process plants with material handling and charging systems. Complete thermal processes are realised by customised system solutions. Innovative Nabertherm control technology provides for precise control as well as full documentation and remote monitoring of your processes. Their engineers apply state-of-the-art technology to improve the temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, reliability and durability of our systems with the goal of enhancing your competitive edge.

In addition to furnaces for laboratory, Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard furnaces and plants for many other thermal processing applications. The modular design of their products provides for customised solutions to your individual needs without expensive modifications.

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