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Validation Specialist available for consultation on all IQ/OQ/PQ/PV Documentation Requirements

Mason Technology provides a complete validation service for laboratory and industrial equipment and instrumentation. Full IQ/OQ/PQ/PV documentation is available on request for any equipment purchased from Mason Technology.

Installation Qualification (IQ)

  • Compare equipment, as received, with purchase order
  • Unpack equipment and check equipment for any damage
  • Verify environmental conditions
  • Install equipment and power up
  • Check completeness of documentation

Operational Qualification (OQ)

  • Perform function test
  • Perform initial calibration of equipment
  • Document equipment settings
  • If applicable, adjust to comply with manufacturers specifications

Performance Qualifications (PQ)

  • Define performance criteria and test procedures (SOP)
  • Select critical parameters
  • Define test intervals, e.g. daily, weekly
  • Define corrective actions in case of non-conformance

Performance Verification (PV)

  • Define re-qualification activities such as Preventative Maintenance, Calibration, etc.
  • Define re-qualification frequency such as annually or semi-annually