Automated Pipetting

The Eppendorf line of epMotion automated liquid handling systems is designed to help you automate routine pipetting tasks to free up your time. Not only is the epMotion one of the most accurate pipetting stations on the market, by virtue of automation it helps you to eliminate manual pipetting errors and maximizes the reproducibility of your assays. epMotion is available in four different formats and with different upgrade options, giving you the flexibility to tailor the system to your specific applications. The unique software makes programming easy and allows you to set-up even complex tasks with minimal training.

Flexibility to adjust to your specific needs

epMotion systems are available in 4 formats

› epMotion 96 for fast processing of 96 and 384-well plates (semi-automated)
› epMotion 5070 series with 4 SBS deck and 2 dispensing tool positions
› epMotion 5073 series with 6 SBS deck, 2 dispensing tool, and 1 gripper position
› epMotion 5075 series with up to 15 SBS deck, 4 dispensing tool, and 1 gripper position
› Possibility to add thermal modules, a ThermoMixer, a vacuum station as well as a module for magnetic bead separation for extra versatility
› The completely contained housing as well as the CleanCap option that includes UV light and HEPA filter provides the needed contamination protection
› Optical sensor to verify correct positioning of tips and labware as well as liquid volumes in vessels for safe operation
› High precision dispensing tools covering the range from 1 to 1000 µL are available in single and 8-channel format
› Gripper allows for transport of labware

Intuitive software for easy programming

› Control your epMotion with a space-saving EasyCon tablet or our powerful MultiCon computer system. epMotion 96 is WiFi controlled by an App that runs on Apple iPod
› Learn the programming in hours, not days
› Unique software assistants provide user guided step-by-step programming for the most common applications to get you started right away
› The worktable is easily set-up, just drag & drop labware onto the worktable
› Pre-optimized commands make programming fast and easy yet allow for enough customization to adjust pipetting performance to the most demanding tasks
› Automatic pattern recognition simplifies programming of complex pipetting patterns
› Virtual 3D run simulation allows you to check the programmed method for errors
› epMotion software can be upgraded to epBlue™ ID for secure barcode sample tracking and integration into LIMS systems or epBlue™GxP to comply with 21 CFR part 11 regulations (GLP/GMP complaint software version)

epMotion Accessories, Consumables and Services

Whether 0.2-mL PCR tubes, 1.5, 2 or 5 mL test tubes, 15 or 50 mL conical tubes, six-well plates, 96/384-well microplates, PCR plates, or deepwell plates  –  with epMotion accessories, you can handle it.

› Get great diversity with large portfolio of accessories
› As an open platform epMotion works with your favorite labware. Our labware database with more than 1,200 files is constantly growing
› High-quality consumables guarantee high accuracy and reproducibility of your results. The epT.I.P.S.® Motion are also available as eco-friendly reload system
› Choose our Premium Service to support and maintain your equipment operation to comply with 21 CFR part 11 regulations (GLP/GMP complaint software version)