Manual Liquid Handling

Perfection lies in the details – this a principle that definitely holds true for our hand-held pipettes and associated consumables. A history of over 50 years in liquid handling has resulted in award-winning designs, cuttingedge production, optimal materials selection and products that are harmonized for the utmost performance – guaranteeing the quality you deserve.

The Eppendorf Liquid Handling Instrument Portfolio
As the inventor of the microliter system, we at Eppendorf have over fifty years of experience in precise manual and automatic pipetting/dispensing and transferring of the smallest quantities of liquids. The standards defined by Eppendorf quality assurance (for example, precision and accuracy guidelines) clearly surpass the standards required to obtain these results, and guarantee the reproducibility that our customers have come to depend on.
Which Pipette Is the Right One for My Application?

Many “secret recipes” for handling problematic liquids have been passed down. The pipette tip is cut off in order to pipette viscous liquids. Ethanol and acetone are pipetted in a race against time, at the fastest possible speed, for liquids could simply drip out of the tip. At times, even detergent residue inside the tip is tolerated. These methods are not particularly precise. There is another way.

In our Liquid Guide, you can learn more on typical challenges in routine pipetting and how to deal with them. We present which pipettes are suitable for you, provide solutions for more precise pipetting results, and helpful posters, application notes and videos.

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