PCR is routine and easy these days. However, it can be difficult when you want to do something that you´ve never done before! That's when you need high quality PCR cyclers and consumables to eliminate unwanted variables from your assays. Our Mastercycler pro has a special lid to avoid evaporation and superior block homogeneity to achieve consistent results, despite the well being used. Additionally, our twin.tec PCR Plates consist of two materials to provide a rigid shape for automation. Five different colors can help organize your workflow. Make PCR an art - not a nuisance!

Save time! Reduce your CO2-Footprint! Reduce noise in your lab!

Learn how in this entertaining infographic.

Get the most out of your PCR.

Polypropylene wells with LoBind characteristics are designed to maximize yield of your target molecules. DNA is less likely to bind to polypropylene and thus remains within the liquid of your reaction. That is not only beneficial for yield when pipetting, but also means more molecules are available for the chemical reaction, e.g. PCR.
Fluorescence amplification improves the sensitivity of qPCR reactions. This graph indicates there is up to a 10-fold higher fluorescence measurement when using twin.tec real-time PCR Plates compared to frosted wells.