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CellXpert C170 and C170i – Cell Culture Incubator

Seek out reduced gas consumption to keep costs down

  • Reduce contamination risks and save cleaning time with
    a seamless chamber
  • Grow more cells by using the whole chamber, gain up to
    25% more usable space by having no fan inside
  • Maximise your lab space by stacking CellXpert with CO2
    incubators of other brands

Eppendorf CO2 incubators maintain a constant presence in cell culture labs all over the world. Exceptional temperature and CO2 control create the perfect incubation conditions, while features such as the seamless chamber make them easy to clean and ensure a contamination-free environment. They set the standard for quality and innovation, and are designed to meet real world needs.

The cost of gas and the effort of exchanging gas cylinders can produce significant running costs that can easily exceed the initial purchase price. CellXpert® CO2 incubators are designed for reduced gas consumption and help you keep these costs at bay.

Data fact: Consumption of CO2 at 5% (without door opening) consumes < 1 L / day

Eppendorf CellXpert C170 - Cell Culture Incubator
Eppendorf CellXpert C170i - Cell Culture Incubator

Promotion on Eppendorf CellXpert Cell Culture Incubators

Product                                                               Order No.                           List PricesSpecial Price
C170i, Universal stacking stand EU CellXpert® C170i, non-segmented inner door, handle right side

Universal stacking stand, upper frame, CellXpert with other 170

2230 000 092€ 9,928.00€7,942.40
C170i 4-door + Universal stacking stand EU

CellXpert® C170i, inner door with 4 door segments, handle righ

Universal stacking stand, upper frame, CellXpert with other 170

2230 000 094€11,670.00€9,336.00
C170 + Universal stacking stand EU CellXpert® C170, standard display, non-segmented inner door, handle right side.

Universal stacking stand, upper frame, CellXpert with other 170 L CO2 incubators

2230 000 096€8,546.00€6,836.80

* Stacking stand, lower frame, with castors is required (article no. 6731070093) if you have an existing Galaxy® 170 R or S incubator, if not already installed.

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Patrick Healy is the sales manager of the General Laboratory and Life Science Division. He is responsible for a 30 strong supplier portfolio which includes top agencies such as Integra, Eppendorf, Biotek and Memmert. If you need any guidance or information on any item of laboratory equipment please do not hesitate to contact Patrick.

Patrick Healy, Mason TechnologyPatrick Healy
Sales Manager for General Laboratory & Life Science
E:      phealy@masontec.ie
M:     +353 87 995 9701
DD:   +353 1 4154414

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