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Bench-top centrifuge 5920 R with 4 L capacity

Eppendorf introduced their very first centrifuge in 1964 as an integral part of the Eppendorf Microliter System and revolutionised life science research practices worldwide. To this day, the Eppendorf name remains synonymous with creative design, innovative technology and reliable performance that stand the test of time.

The bench-top centrifuge 5920 R offers:

  • Precise cooling performance with the dynamic compressor control ensures your sample is always subjected to the same environment, delivering accurate results
  • A safer environment with automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection
  • Management of your power consumption with FastTemp pro function for automatic precooling and ECO shut off

Special Price Offers

ProductOrder NumberList PriceSpecial Price
Centrifuge 5920 R (refrigerated), 230 V, 50-60 Hz, incl. rotor S-4×1000, round buckets and adapter 15 mL/50 mL conical tubes5948 000 365
Adapter 1 L wide-neck bottles for rotor S-4×1000, for round buckets 1000 mL5920 700 006

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