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Trade-in to Unlock Savings on the Olympus DP23 Microscope Camera

Trade in your legacy microscope camera and unlock savings from 20% on a new DP23 camera with a c-mount adapter for connection to your microscope and migrate to the latest Olympus/Evident software for a small handling fee*.

The SC30 and SC100 cameras have been discontinued by Olympus. If you have the SC30 or the SC100 camera and you want to avail of the PRECiV migration offer, you can upgrade to the DP23 camera for a discounted price of at least 20% off the list price for the DP23 camera and c-mount adapter for connection to your microscope.

Trade-in offers are also available for non-Olympus branded cameras, please contact us for more information. Offer available until September 2023.

* Learn about the PRECiV Software promotion

Key Benefits of the DP23

  1. Superior Image Quality: The Olympus DP23 delivers exceptional image quality, allowing you to capture the finest details with utmost clarity and accuracy. Its advanced sensor technology and high-resolution capabilities ensure that every image is sharp, vibrant, and true to life.
  2. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: With the DP23, you can bid farewell to time-consuming manual adjustments and complex settings. This powerful camera streamlines your imaging workflow, offering seamless integration with Olympus microscopes and software with intuitive controls.
  3. Versatile Imaging Modes: The DP23 offers a wide range of imaging modes to cater to diverse scientific and research applications. From brightfield and darkfield imaging to fluorescence and phase contrast, this camera empowers you to explore various imaging techniques and capture images with exceptional contrast and sensitivity.
  4. Intelligent Software Integration: Olympus understands the importance of seamless software integration in achieving optimal imaging results. The DP23 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Olympus software packages, enabling advanced image analysis, annotation, and measurement functionalities. Maximize the potential of your imaging data with powerful software tools tailored to your needs.
  5. Future-Proof Investment: By upgrading to the DP23, you’re not just investing in a superior camera; you’re investing in the future of your imaging capabilities. With regular updates, firmware enhancements, and ongoing technical support, your DP23 camera will remain cutting-edge for years to come.
Legacy Cameras vs Current Cameras

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