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Event Sponsor: The Microscopy Society of Ireland Symposium 2023

Come and meet our Microscopy experts at the Microscopy Society of Ireland Annual Symposium

18th to the 20th of January

Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Lee Malting Complex, Dyke Parade, Cork, T12 R5CP.

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As the exclusive distributor of Evident (Olympus) microscopes in Ireland, we will be attending the Microscopy Society of Ireland (MSI) Annual Symposium as event sponsors.  Hosted by Tyndall National Institute in University College Cork, the symposium will take place from the 18th to the 20th of January, and it will bring together researchers from around the world for discussions on various microscopy themes such as advances in image analysis, solid-state physics, nanomedicine, as well as materials and biological microscopy applications.

On the day, we will be demonstrating the LEXT OLS5100 Laser Scanning Microscope.  Sub-micron 3D observation and surface roughness measurement requires high levels of accuracy and precision. The Evident OLS5100 offers guaranteed accuracy and precision along with smart features that make materials science experiment workflows faster and more efficient.

About the Microscopy Society of Ireland

The MSI is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the science and practice of microscopy, creation of forums for academic and technical dialogue in matters relating to microscopy, and advancement of the training of its members.

Have you seen the latest Microscopy Technical Training Videos from Mason Technology? 

Covering topics such as parfocality alignment, ergonomics, measurement options, and objective cleaning, this series of 8 short videos gives microscope users a quick visual best practice guide for the alignment, operation, purchasing and maintenance of a microscope.

While created using Evident (Olympus) microscopes, the messages contained in these videos are transferrable across all microscope brands and should be of benefit to all microscopy users.

Microscope Technical Training Series
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