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X2000 HD | Industrial Videoscope


X2000 HD | Industrial Videoscope

Whether in transportation, power generation, or security, the Mitcorp X2000 is your partner. The X2000 Industrial Videoscope is the flagship product of Mitcorp’s X-series. Whether it is in transportation, power generation, or security, the X2000 is usable for various applications as it offers the most comprehensive solutions for your inspections.


X2000 HD overview

  • Efficiency: Many inspections require extensive documentation to comply with maintenance regulations. Consequently, technicians take many images and videos during inspections; therefore, the X2000 offers comprehensive file management and annotation functions and is compatible with our report generation assist software Insight.
  • Durability: Videoscopes need to be reliable partners even in harsh conditions. They need to be water and dustproof and be strong enough to withstand scratching from metallic surfaces. Our tungsten braided insertion probes are not only IP67 certified but also capable of withstanding abrasion and scratches. They also offer a heat resistance of up to 100 degrees. The X2000’s console unit is IP54 certified and offers military-standard protection, such as a drop resistance of up to 1m in height.
  • Quality: Especially in highly complex or technical applications, videoscopes need to take sharp images even in demanding environments, such as shiny metallic or oily surfaces. To succeed, the X2000 offers super-resolution images (2560*1440) and equally high-quality videos (1920*1080). The 7″ LCD touchscreen delivers crisp and clear photos and videos. It also provides a manual exposure that allows adjusting to difficult lighting situations and avoiding glare spots.
  • Connectivity: Sharing footage is an influential factor in increasing inspection efficiency and effectiveness. For that reason, several connection methods are available, including HDMI, USB Type-C, and a Wi-Fi connection. You can also connect to our VideoscopeNow app, enabling you to control the X2000 remotely.


X2000 HD Industrial Videoscope features

X2000 Main System:
  • 7″ LCD touchscreen
  • IP54 protection
  • HDMI / USB Type-C / Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remotely controllable via our VideoscopeNow app
  • File management, annotation, and comment functions
  • Compatible with Insight report assist software
  • S-HD images and HD videos
Insertion Probes:
  • Various diameters available (3.9mm/ 6mm / 10mm) 
  • Various lengths available (up to 7m)
  • IP 67 equal level waterproof / Scratch-resistant / Heat resistant (100 degree)
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