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X600 HD | Videoscope


X600 HD | Videoscope

The Mitcorp X600 HD Videoscope is especially useful in automotive inspections or processing plants where many devices work at different production stages. It is modularly designed and can adjust to your specific inspection needs.


X600 overview

  • Durability & Connectivity: The X600 uses rechargeable Li-Batteries that allow for over 3.5 hours of operation before recharging. The console system is IP54 certified and can operate in the rain. 
  • Flexibility: Compatible with 3.9 mm 2-way articulation & 4.9 mm dual-camera probe. The interchangeable insertion probes are IP67 certified and resistant to engine and transmission oil, brake fluid, unleaded gasoline, and diesel. X600 is also compatible with the “PRM2830 probe” (part no.2830HD-F-30M-FRP) for pipe inspection application field.


X600 HD Videoscope features

  • 5″ TFT LCD Touchscreen
  • 1m drop resistance, IP54 protection
  • Real-time data sharing and charging via USB-type-C
  • Sharp, clear, and bright images
  • Compatible with 3.9 mm 2-way articulation & 4.9 mm dual-camera probes


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