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Advanced Level Analytical Balances

Mettler Toledo

Advanced Level Analytical Balances

When you need great performance and durability, the Mettler Toledo Advanced Level Analytical Balances from Mason Technology are the right choice for you.

The Advanced Level Balances offer high weighing performance and intuitive operations thanks to Mettler’s renowned MonoBloc weighing cell with FACT automatic internal adjustment, the guided LevelControl system, the high-resolution colour touch screen with graphic rendering capability and up to 11 easy-to-use applications.


Advanced level analytical balances options

  • MS Semi-Micro Balances: equipped with high-precision weighing cell from Mettler Toledo that provides up to 5-place readability and guarantees constant accuracy, precise results and fast settling times over the entire weighing range.  With two built-in weights, combined with FACT (Fully Automatic Time and Temperature controlled internal adjustment), the MS Semi-Micro Balances carry out adjustment and linearization automatically.
  • MS-TS Analytical Balances: deliver fast, precise, and reliable results with both lab and quality-control application support. Intuitive to operate with a large touchscreen, easy-clean MS-TS balances bring a new level of comfort to your daily weighing tasks. Moreover, results can be easily transferred wherever needed thanks to future-proof connectivity and data-management functionalities.
  • ML-T Analytical Balances: offer good weighing performance combined with easy-to-use applications. With a battery-power option, these clever balances are fully portable. Ergonomically designed and with multiple built-in applications, you get a lot of balance in a footprint of just 290 × 184 mm, which helps when bench space matters.
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