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MS Precision Balances

Mettler Toledo

MS Precision Balances

A Mettler Toledo precision balance, including MS Precision Balances, are accurate, robust weighing instrument. MS Precision Balances mean no compromises between sample size and weighing precision, with consistently reliable results, an extra large graphical colour touchscreen and a robust full aluminium housing.


MS Precision Balances overview

  • Consistently Reliable Results: Thanks to the renowned MonoBloc load cell, FACT automatic adjustment, weighing environment filters, and the MinWeigh function, accuracy is assured.
  • Extra Large Graphical Color Touchscreen: The touchscreen interface, easy-access menus, large digits, and results graphs simplify daily tasks. Operable with cotton, silicon, and rubber gloves.
  • Robust, Full Aluminum Housing: The full metal housing protects the weighing cell from impacts and environmental influences, and is resistant to harsh chemicals, including acetone.


Features of MS Precision Balances

  • User Management: Define roles and rights for each user to provide easy access to applications, minimize errors, and ensure traceability of activities.
  • Versatile Connectivity for Data Transfer: Connect a printer, barcode reader, or PC via the RS232, USB and LAN interfaces. With EasyDirect PC software, you can collect data from up to 10 balances automatically and save them in an SQL database. Our Bluetooth and WLAN options enable wireless connection.
  • Configurable Documentation: Configure how you want to save, print and export your results and associated weighing data. PDF reports and printouts are perfect for archiving. For further processing and analysis, save your data in a CSV or XML file on a USB memory stick.
  • 11 Built-In Weighing Applications: The 11 integrated applications guide you step by step through each process and provide results graphs for fast data interpretation. The simple and efficient processes include differential weighing, density determination, formulation and more.
  • Easy to Clean: The stainless steel weighing pan and robust metal housing protect against harsh chemicals, whilst the smooth surfaces and rounded edges make cleaning easy.
  • Benefit From Our Weighing Know-How: Our free GWP® Recommendation ensures you have the right balance for your weighing process. With years of weighing expertise, we can support you with balance selection, installation, cleaning, routine testing, calibration and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Service Offering: Our services include installation and qualification, calibration, maintenance, and routine testing to ensure your balance is fit for purpose and meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. Customize your service package to meet your precise needs.
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