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LCMS-8060NX | Triple Quadrupole LC-MS


LCMS-8060NX | Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

The Shimadzu LCMS-8060NX is our flagship triple quadrupole LC/MS system with exceptional sensitivity and detection speeds. With our latest UFMS™ technology, this LC/MS/MS boasts increased robustness and ease-of-use, as well as an Analytical Intelligence function to streamline your analytical process and maximize your laboratory throughput.
Equipped with the new IonFocus™ electrospray unit and improved ion guides, the LCMS-8060NX delivers more reliable analysis and maximized uptime. It also offers higher efficiency over all workflow steps, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical, clinical, and food/beverage companies seeking greater operational efficiency.


LCMS-8060NX features

  • IonFocus™ unit: A newly-developed ESI probe with focus electrodes introduces ions into the mass spectrometer more efficiently, while expelling contaminants to reduce noise and provide more stable data. In addition, an improved heat-assist design promotes the ionization of a wide range of compounds. (Patented technology.)
  • UF-Qarray™Ⅱ, UF-Lens™Ⅱ: Re-engineered ion guide improves robustness without compromising on sensitivity. Maintenance of UF-Qarray II
    and UF-Lens II can be performed easily without tools.
  • Easy maintenance interface: The LCMS-8060NX inherits all the ease-of-maintenance of its predecessors. Both the desolvation line (DL), which introduces the sample into the vacuum, and the ESI capillary can be replaced easily and in a short time. The DL can be replaced while maintaining the vacuum, minimizing downtime.
  • Robustness and Ease of Use: In the newly-developed IonFocus unit, the focus electrodes reduce sensitivity loss from matrix effects by expelling contaminants with greater efficiency.
  • Intelligent Automation Improves Workflow Efficiency: The combination of the LCMS-8060NX and the Nexera™ series UHPLC provides a system with multiple Analytical Intelligence features, improving the efficiency of your entire workflow and maximizing analytical throughput.
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