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Equipment Validation

Mason Technology provides complete validation for Laboratory & Industrial equipment and instrumentation

We offer a selection of compliance and validation services ranging from installation to operational to performance qualification.
Full documentation is available on request for any laboratory or industrial equipment and instrumentation.

  • Compare equipment, as received, with purchase order
  • Unpack equipment and check equipment for any damage
  • Verify environmental conditions
  • Install equipment and power up
  • Check completeness of documentation
  • Perform function test
  • Perform initial calibration/testing of equipment
  • Document equipment settings
  • If applicable, adjust to comply with manufacturers specifications
  • Define performance criteria and test procedures (SOP)
  • Select critical parameters
  • Define test intervals, e.g. daily, weekly
  • Define corrective actions in case of non-conformance
  • It is a high quality product – Mason Technology Validation Protocols are developed internally using manufacturers’ and Technical Expert recommendations
  • Protocols are regularly reviewed and updated to include improved testing, industry recommendations, changes in USP/ EP testing. Additionally, to streamline processes and improve efficiency
  • Quality Management Document Control – Mason Technology’s IQ/OQ and RQ protocols are controlled using our electronic Documentation Management System
  • Validation is accompanied by ISO 17025 (INAB) Certification where available e.g. Weighing, Temperature, Centrifuges. See our ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation for more details.
  • Continuity of protocols across our product range to include Mettler Toledo, Shimadzu, Buchi, Olympus, General Laboratory instruments etc.
  • The Validation Price is pre-defined at point of sale – this includes a standard protocol document, callout charge, estimated time of completion and reference standards (if applicable)
  • All of our Validation is completed by trained expert personnel
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