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Maintenance Services for your Scientific and Industrial Equipment

In a laboratory or production environment, scientific equipment is typically an important component of a process.  Maintaining the equipment is critical to ensure it operates as it should and remains compliant with industry regulations.  Additionally, it will help you safeguard your investment by extending the lifetime of the equipment.

At Mason Technology, we deliver maintenance services to clients operating across a mix of sectors including pharmaceutical, biopharma, nutrition and beverage, and high value manufacturing that will help them to protect, maintain and extend the life of their equipment.

Covering everything from repair and breakdown to routine and scheduled preventative maintenance, end of life decommissioning, upgrades, calibrations, and re-qualifications, our maintenance services can be delivered at the client-site or from our own Service Centre.  Delivered by our manufacturer trained service engineers, all maintenance services are tailored to the specific requirements of the client including the level of certification required.

We hold a wide range of spare parts and consumables in our Dublin warehouse facility allowing for a quick turnaround time in many cases.

Maintenance and Service Level Agreements

In a busy lab or production environment, keeping track of when and how often equipment needs to be serviced or calibrated can be time consuming and difficult to manage.  With a maintenance agreement, you take the headache away by having a specialist provider, such as Mason Technology, manage the entire maintenance process from requirement tracking to service scheduling and service delivery.  Additionally, you know at the outset what your maintenance costs for the year will be while having the flexibility to add new equipment to the agreement if needed.

We are here to help you

With Mason Technology you get access to unrivalled scientific expertise.  With backgrounds in science or engineering, our technical sales consultants are highly experienced in understanding of what equipment is required in laboratory and production environments.  Our service engineers work closely with our validations specialists to ensure that equipment is installed and commissioned in line with regulatory requirements.  This is especially important in heavily regulated industries such as pharma and biopharma.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our maintenance services, complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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