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FREE Webinar Spray Drying & Prilling by in The BioTechnology & Food Industry

Spray Drying & Prilling by Vibration in The BioTechnology & Food Industry


Innovation, Perspectives & Challenges – Live

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BUCHI and Mason Technology would like to invite you to join our expert team by registering for our free live webinar “Spray Drying & Prilling by in The  BioTechnology & Food Industry” on Monday 3rd December 2018 @ 10.30 a.m.

Subject experts Dr. Michael Whelehan and MrAlan McDonagh, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), will present in detail on the potentials of using BUCHI  Spray Drying and Prilling by Vibration solutions within the Pharma, Biotech and Food industries.

Topics covered will include:
Dr. Michael Whelehan will share his extensive knowledge on micro & nano-encapsulation techniques, presenting on the following areas:

  • The potential of microencapsulation in the food, biotech and pharma industry
  • A review of current research applications which can be potentially used within the industry
  • Detailed insights on scale-up

Mr. Alan McDonagh (TCD) will present on the use of Spray Drying to crystalize materials. Topics covered will include:

  • A review of the Spray Drying process
  • The transfer of crystallization theory from conventional crystallization to spray dried droplets
  • The use of models to characterize droplets to allow for greater control over the crystallization process
  • The role of spray drying parameters on the resulting crystallized material

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After registration a confirmation link will be e-mailed to you with information on webinar login.

If you should require any further assistance please contact:

Michael Kervick (Buchi Business Unit Manager, Mason Technology)  MKERVICK@masontec.ie

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