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How Many Ways Can Texture Analysers Work?

Mason Technology and Stable Micro Systems would like to invite you to our Expert Team FREE webinar: “How Many Ways can Texture Analysers Work?” on the 26th August 2020 @ 3.00pm .

Join Michael Kervick, Sales Manager, Mason Technology and Paul Brown, International Sales Manager, Stable Micro Systems and learn more about “The 7 Principles of Texture Analysis as they present via Microsoft Teams  in our FREE to register webinar.

Topics Covered:

The numerous probes and fixtures, for use on Texture Analysers, which are based on empirical principles may be classified according to the type of action involved. Some of the tests are Fundamental and Imitative in nature. There are a number of principle actions that Texture Analysers can perform from:

Puncture & Penetration, Compression, Fracture & Bending, Extrusion, Cutting & Shearing, Tension and Adhesion. 

In our Webinar learn:
  1. the best way to approach your sample analysis
  2. how to use Exponent software to do this
  3. the benefits of the Volscan profiler for 3D analysis
  4. Join Question & Answer session

Register online today.

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If you should require any further assistance please contact:

Michael Kervick (Buchi Business Unit Manager, Mason Technology)  MKERVICK@masontec.ie



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