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Irish Microscopy and Imaging Townhall Meeting

The Microscopy Society of Ireland will hold the next meeting for the Irish Microscopy & Imaging community (Life & Physical Science, Core Facilities, Academics, Researchers, Trade/Industry) on the 15th of October 2021.  Starting at 1pm, this meeting will take place virtually.


Community Development Talks

  • 2.15 – Dr Claire Brown – Chair Canada Bioimaging and Co-Chair BioImaging North America (BINA), McGill University, Canada
  • 2.30 – Dr Georgina Fletcher – BioImagingUK Project Officer at the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS)
  • 2.45 – TBC
  • 3.00 – Dr Emma Mc Dermott – Early Career Supports and Their Importance. CMI NUI Galway and RMS Early Career Committee
  • 3.15 – Open Discussion
  • 3.25/3.30 – Coffee/comfort break

Spotlighting Microscopy and Imaging Facilities Across the Island

  • 3.30 – Facility 1
  • 3.40 – Facility 2
  • 3.50 – Facility 3
  • 4.00 – Facility 4
  • 4.10 – Open Discussion
  • 4.30 – Final Remarks and Action Points – What are the next steps – Proposed date for next meeting

If you are interested in attending, please register your interest here.

Microscope Technical Training Series

Have you seen the latest Microscopy Technical Training Videos from Mason Technology? 

Covering topics such as parfocality alignment, ergonomics, measurement options, and objective cleaning, this series of 8 short videos gives microscope users a quick visual best practice guide for the alignment, operation, purchasing and maintenance of a microscope.

While created using Olympus microscopes, the messages contained in these videos are transferrable across all microscope brands and should be of benefit to all microscopy users.


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