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What our customers say

The customer is central to our strategic development, we will strive to exceed their needs & expectations. We specialise in providing solutions and equipment for Research and Development, Life Sciences, Quality Control and other scientific sectors. See what our customers say below.

My first experience with Shimadzu was actually when I started my Masters research, from starting off I thought it was quite an easy system to get used to even from my level of experience, which was quite rudimentary at the time. I think as a beginner, the Shimadzu software really eases you into it, it isn’t an intimidating set up...

Dylan O’Flynn


I’ve had a good experience working with Mason Technology, in the last 3-4 years we now have three systems, it’s a happy collaboration. The service is great and there was good help from the specialist David Barrett when we have had problems.

Dr Dan Wu RCSI


We contacted Mason Technology to arrange a site visit at short notice, with a view to replacing a significant number of our laboratory’s rotary evaporators. From the word go, Lizzie was fantastic, and helped advise on the suitability of different rotavapor set-ups that suited our budget and specifications. The group eventually settled on three Buchi […]

Robert Conway-Kenny, TCD.


In the Natural Products Chemistry lab, Institute of Tropical Biology and Conservation, where I did my undergraduate final year project and Masters project. In this lab, there was a priority for Shimadzu instrumentation, as the lab had established a research collaboration with the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA). From this, they were able to acquire a considerable range of Shimadzu instruments from GC, GCMS, HPLC and TOC Analysers. He was really in love with Shimadzu!

Mathavan Vickneswaran MSc.


We are a large Pharmaceutical company based in the West of Ireland responsible for mass production of bulk product that is completed to finished product. This requires the testing of raw materials, bulk products, final products and stability programmes across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Given the ever-changing nature of the Pharmaceutical industry, we as a company were striving for ways to better control the data we generate, and the securities/protections required to uphold its integrity. Not only this but we also needed a system that could handle the large volumes of data that a large, continuously operating laboratory such as ours would accrue. During our search for a solution we came into contact with Mason Technology and discovered LabX. With the assistance of Mason Technology's expert representatives, we installed, validated and released LabX within our laboratory in July 2019.

Mason Technology LabX Customer


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