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Consultancy Services for your Scientific and Industrial Equipment

At Mason Technology, we offer a range of consultancy services to customers operating in industry sectors such as pharma, biopharma, nutrition, and beverage, high value manufacturing and in institutions in research and academia.

The consultancy services that we offer cover a different business process stages e.g., recommendations on the most suitable equipment for a new production environment, expertise on how to facilitate the move of laboratory equipment to another building or verification that the laboratory processes in place ensure data integrity in the context of 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 Compliance.  Our consultancy services can be customised to meet the specific customer needs.

Laboratory Setup

We work with customers or project management companies who are setting up new laboratories.  In addition to offering equipment recommendations, we can purchase, install, validate, and commission the equipment in line with regulatory compliance. If required, our specialists can undertake a site survey and offer guidance based on these requirements.

Product Selection

With consideration of your current set-up and your requirements, we can advise you on the equipment that is best suited to your own individual needs.  With a portfolio of 50+ leading brands, we will always have a solution to meet your requirements.

Equipment Relocation

From time to time, a customer will need to relocate their existing equipment to a new area or premises.  In these situations, our product specialists can undertake a site survey to assess the new location with respect to its suitability for the equipment.  If required, we can move, install, recommission and revalidate the equipment in the new location ensuring it is functioning in line with regulatory guidelines.

Software Implementation Services

From design specification to systems integration and data integrity, our software specialists consult with clients, some of whom operate in heavily regulated environments such as pharmaceutical, biopharma and the food and nutrition sector, on a variety of software implementation projects.

Regulatory Compliance

Our sales, service and validation specialists combine their expertise to advise the client on how to maintain regulatory compliance when it comes to selecting, installing, and maintaining equipment.  In Mason Technology, quality is at the heart of everything we do, and we have maintained continuous ISO accreditation since 1994.

Audit Support

We work closely with clients who are preparing for or undergoing an audit. Our quality and validation specialists are on hand to answer any questions or to provide the required documentation regarding the installation and validation of equipment that may arise during the audit process.

End-User Training

Being trained in the products you are using is vital to ensure that you are getting results from your equipment that are accurate, fit for purpose and will stand up to the scrutiny of compliance teams.

We consult with customers to assess their training requirements and our certified Training Courses range from basic to advanced levels and include standard and tailored courses.  Our trainers are experts in their chosen field and have been trained to manufacturer level.

Good Weighing Practice

During our GWP® Verification process we analyse and assess the installed weighing equipment. In consultation with the customer, we carry out a risk analysis on-site, we test the accuracy of the weighing equipment, and we provide an optimised testing and calibration scheme.

GWP® Verification can be issued for any weighing device independent of model or manufacturer. It provides all necessary information to maintain lifelong accuracy of your balances and scales.

What our customers say about our Consultancy Services

software services scientific equipment UCC

‘The Consultants from Mason Technology have been a great support in helping us to understand the data processing and data calculation parts of the GCSolutions software package. To have a point of contact for advice on data analysis and method development is invaluable to us.’

Dr. Therese Uniacke Lowe, Senior Technical Officer in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork

‘In Trinity College, with each lab having their own unique requirements, we are always impressed with the diverse range of scientific products, technical services, and specialist expertise available from Mason Technology.’

Mike Finneran, Senior Technical Officer. CRANN Institute, Trinity College Dublin

We are here to help you

With Mason Technology you get access to unrivalled scientific expertise.

With a scientific or engineering background and a specific focus area, our sales specialists are experts in their field giving them a distinct advantage when specifying products or designing scientific solutions for clients.  We forge strong partnerships with our suppliers ensuring we have access to additional product and solution expertise when needed.

Manufacturer trained in the products we represent, our service engineers work closely with our validation specialists to ensure that equipment is installed and commissioned in line with regulatory requirements.  This is especially important in heavily regulated industries such as pharma and biopharma.

If you have any questions regarding our consultancy services, complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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