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Laser Confocal Microscope

Laser scanning microscopy is used in biological and materials science research to obtain high-resolution, high-contrast imagery of a sample. Evident laser microscopes can scan samples point by point, resulting in optical sectioning that can be used to construct precise 3D imagery. Our laser scanning confocal microscope is designed with a large range of imaging modalities to meet some of the most difficult challenges in life and materials sciences. Offering high sensitivity and speed, our laser scanning microscopes enable live-cell imaging, deep tissue observation, and precise sample measurement and analysis. Choose from a range of laser scanning systems suited to a variety of scientific applications—including imaging biological samples in cancer research and developmental biology research fields, as well as metallurgical surface roughness evaluation and quality inspection of electronics such as semiconductors and EV batteries. Evident has a solution to meet your specific confocal microscopes needs.

The Olympus DSX1000 is a versatile digital microscope that combines advanced optics, high-resolution imaging, and intuitive software to deliver exceptional performance across industries including electronics inspection, metals, automotive, manufacturing, quality control, medical device and material science research. It features a motorized platform with precise automation capabilities, allowing users to easily navigate and analyse samples with efficiency and accuracy. The microscope offers a range of imaging modes, including brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), and fluorescence, enabling detailed visualization of diverse samples and materials.

The microscope employs advanced depth-of-focus (DOF) technology to capture sharp images across a wide depth range, even on uneven or curved surfaces. This ensures that all parts of the sample are in focus, facilitating comprehensive analysis and interpretation. Its advanced features and intuitive operation streamline workflows and enable precise analysis of a wide range of samples and materials.

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