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IPLEX G Lite | Compact Video Borescope

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

IPLEX G Lite | Compact Video Borescope

For challenging inspections that require a small borescope, the Evident IPLEX G Lite compact video borescope packs powerful imaging capabilities into a small, rugged body. Lightweight and able to go almost anywhere, this remote visual inspection tool equips users with the image quality and ease of use to get the job done. If you’re inspecting in the cramped quarters of a wind tower nacelle, the wind version of the IPLEX G Lite (IPLEX G Lite-W) video borescope packs portability and powerful imaging features into a small body to make your job easier.


IPLEX G Lite overview

The ergonomically designed, compact video borescope can be carried to almost any job site and used comfortably.

  • Lightweight: The IPLEX G Lite video borescope weighs only 1.15 kg (2.5 lb), and the IPLEX G Lite-W video borescope weighs only 1.16 kg (2.6 lb)
  • Durable: Small but tough, the IPLEX G Lite/IPLEX G Lite-W video borescope is designed to meet IP65 standards and built to pass U.S. Department of Defense testing (MIL-STD)
  • Choose the right scope for the job: Select from scopes measuring 2 m and 3.5 m long (4 mm/6 mm) and 10 m long (6 mm only)
  • Made to travel: The compact video borescope and its accessories fit neatly in a lightweight travel case small enough to fit under an airplane seat


IPLEX G Lite compact video borescope features

  • Bright illumination, reduced noise: The LED light source is twice as bright as the one on the predecessor model (IPLEX UltraLite); along with the new noise reduction algorithm, the compact video borescope helps you locate problems and defects in dark areas
  • 60 frames per second (fps) video: Capture smooth videos with the video borescope’s high frame rate; if you are recording a moving object, you can obtain clear videos with no stutter
  • Flexible UV and IR lighting options: Detect invisible hairline cracks using ultraviolet (UV) illumination, and view objects in dark area using infrared (IR) illumination; the interchangeable LED light source expands the capabilities of the video borescope (IPLEX G Lite only)
  • Powerful measurement at the touch of your finger: The compact video borescope is equipped with scalar measurement as a standard feature, enabling you to size objects using a reference defect; for more advanced functionality, upgrade to the stereo measurement option to size objects using precise three-dimensional coordinates
  • Responsive joystick, precise movements: Responsive TrueFeel articulation enables you to control the scope’s tip with precise movement so that you can navigate to your target area quickly
  • Record still images and video simultaneously: With the push of a button, you can capture still images while recording a video
  • Bookmark: Add bookmarks to save time during video reviews and find critical moments quickly
  • Constant video: Never lose critical inspection recordings; the small video borescope automatically records the last 30 minutes of your inspection even if you forget to press the record button
  • Stream inspection images: By using the recommended USB wireless LAN adapter, images can be shared with colleagues using a tablet during the inspection; this makes it easier to diagnose problems with the help of other inspectors
  • Easily share data: Send saved images and videos to your PC wirelessly using the IPLEX desktop app for secure file transfer
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