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IPLEX GAir | Long-Distance Video Borescope

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

IPLEX GAir | Long-Distance Video Borescope

Long-distance remote visual inspection (RVI) is fast and efficient with the Evident  IPLEX GAir video borescope. Flexible and maneuverable, the video borescope’s 30-meter (98-foot) or 20-meter (65-foot) insertion tube can easily move through complex piping systems with multiple elbows. When you reach your inspection target, you can examine it with high-quality, wide-view images and bright LED illumination.


IPLEX GAir long-distance video borescope overview

The IPLEX GAir long-distance video borescope combines maneuverability and brightness, so you can reach distant targets quickly and identify defects.

  • Maneuver through complex pipes: the guide head reduces friction and easily passes over joints between pipes while the universal push rod adapter enables a smooth passage through pipes and elbows
  • Precise articulation regardless of length: pneumatic articulation with an integrated air compressor delivers fine control, and the Tapered Flex™ insertion tube balances stiffness and flexibility for easy maneuvering
  • Know your location: the gravity sensor rotates live images regardless of the scope’s orientation, and the insertion length indicator enables you to track the insertion tube’s position


Long-distance video borescope features

  • Quickly change scopes: the waterproof scope unit can be swapped with no special tools
  • Comfortable viewing angle: place the detachable LCD screen where you want
  • Easy to transport: the compact, wheeled carrying case is easy to move—when you’re ready to inspect, the wheels lock to keep the unit stationary
  • Ultra-bright illumination: powerful LEDs light up large spaces without the intensity decay common to other long-distance video borescopes
  • Automatic brightness adjustments: the PulsarPic™ processor actively adjusts the illumination to consistently provide the right level of brightness
  • See more of the pipe: 220-degree fish-eye optical tip adapter shows the side wall and forward view at the same time
  • Real-time distortion correction: the video borescope can show distortion-corrected images with 120°, 180°, and 220° equivalent fields of view
  • Clear images in large spaces: the long exposure mode enables a better probability of detection in very large spaces
  • Efficient in oily environments: the oil-clearing tip adapter draws oil away from the lens for clearer images so you spend less time withdrawing the insertion tube to clean the lens


Hazardous pipeline inspection application

If you need to visually inspect dangerous or hazardous areas, such as inside a nuclear power plant, the IPLEX GAir long-distance video borescope helps you safely view the target from farther away.

  • Control from a distance: the remote controller enables you to remotely operate the video borescope’s functions from up to 100 m (328 ft) away, with an optional transponder
  • Remote alerts: the remote control vibrates to alert you of a situation that could damage your video borescope, such as removing the insertion tube while articulated
  • Position the LCD up to 5 m (16 ft) away: an available extension cable enables you to position the LCD monitor far from the main unit
  • Wireless image sharing: the USB wireless LAN adapter enables you to share live images with other colleagues (Using a recommended third-party USB wireless adapter)
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