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IPLEX TX II | Ultra-Thin Video Borescope

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

IPLEX TX II | Ultra-Thin Video Borescope

The Evident IPLEX TX II ultra-thin video borescope is available with a 2.2 mm diameter flexible scope or a 1.8 mm rigid scope. Using the flexible scope, you can obtain a wide field of view in spaces where the opening is very small for faster inspections and easier decision making. Combining high image quality and user comfort, the IPLEX TX II video borescope enables efficient inspection of castings, molds, and other parts with small cavities.


IPLEX TX II ultra-thin video borescope overview

The IPLEX TX II video borescope offers easier insertion to help you reach your target faster as well as improved image quality that supports your decision making.

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  • 120-degree field of view to observe a wide area at once, helping speed up inspections
  • High-pixel CMOS sensor delivers excellent image quality
  • Bright LED illumination enables you to see better in large spaces
  • Image adjustment methods—like image turning and halation reduction—make it easier to see in reflective areas and capture clear, low-noise images
  • Scene mode enables you to create two image setting configurations and toggle between them

Inspect in Smaller Spaces

  • Access small openings with the 2.2 mm insertion tube
  • Insertion tube with a 2 mm shorter rigid distal end compared to the original IPLEX TX combined with improved hardness and articulation control, making it easier to maneuver in smaller spaces
  • The insertion tube’s articulating section has a tungsten outer braid for added protection, while its shortened length help keep it from getting stuck
  • The rigid insertion tube’s air injector enables you to blow liquid droplets away to obtain clearer images (the protection sleeve is required to use the air injector)

Stay Comfortable During Long Inspections

  • Ultra-lightweight rigid scope weighs as much as a ballpoint pen, so there’s less strain when you’re holding it for long periods of time
  • Extend the grip to grasp the tube closer to the insertion point for finer control
  • Images are displayed on a tablet, so you can position it where it’s comfortable

Durable and Flexible

  • The flexible insertion tube’s articulation section improves its overall durability
  • Metal braiding in the articulation section provides additional protection and wear resistance
  • For applications where it’s required, the optional rigid scope enables you to acquire high-quality images and pass through openings as small as 1.8 mm
  • With the rigid scope’s CMOS imaging sensor, images still transmit to the screen if the tube is slightly damaged
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