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Sweeney Digital Turning Tool from Enerpac

Evident Industrial Solutions (formerly Olympus)

Sweeney Digital Turning Tool from Enerpac

Enerpac’s Sweeney Digital Turning Tool (DTT) enables you to control the turbine’s blade rotation during borescope inspection using a convenient, palm-sized remote control or hands-free foot pedal. When used with IPLEX series videoscopes, a single inspector can thoroughly inspect an engine turbine efficiently.

Turbine engines—including aeroengines, power generation turbines, and marine engines—all require remote visual inspection (RVI) using borescopes to help ensure that they’re working properly. In many cases, hundreds of blades need to be thoroughly inspected as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.


Sweeney Digital Turning Tool benefits

  • Reduce Your Labor Costs: The Sweeney Digital Turning Tool enables a single operator to control the engine rotation while conducting the inspection.
  • Reduced Risk of Borescope or Engine Damage: Since one person is controlling the inspection and engine rotation, the tool eliminates miscommunications if one person is inspecting and the other is controlling the rotation as well as the physical burden of using a wrench in a hard-to-reach location to manually rotate the blades. The DTT’s torque overload sensor shuts down the tool if excessive torque occurs, helping prevent damage to the engine and borescope.


Sweeney Digital Turning Tool features

The Sweeney Digital Turning Tool has features that help make your inspections more efficient.

  • Blade tracking: helps keep you from inspecting the same blade twice or missing a blade.
  • Flag blades for additional screening: go back and check only the blades you want to.
  • Work comfortably: the palm-sized wireless remote enables you to hold or place it wherever it’s comfortable.
  • Hands-free operation: the foot pedal enables you to stay focused on the inspection and operate key actions without using your hands.
  • Get to work quickly: the controller comes with a preinstalled engine library, enabling you to quickly set up the tool without changing software each time you change engines.


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