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Memmert Mason Technology have an established partnership with Memmert  which allows it to provide Mememrts expert portfolio to the following sectors pharma, biological and food research industry.

Memmert is a leader in the development of heating ovens, incubators, climate chambers, and water baths. A Memmert distributor since 2010, Mason Technology has forged strong links with Memmert working closely with them on the development of customised solutions for our clients.  One such solution, a customised drying oven, was featured by Memmert recently as they launched their new m360 brand.

Memmert Products from Mason Technology

Mason Technology supplies, installs, commissions and services a wide range of Memmert products including climate chambers, incubators, and heating and drying ovens.

Our customers for Memmert solutions include those in academia & research, and in the nutrition & beverage, clinical, MedTech, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biopharma sectors.

Our technical sales consultants are factory trained by Memmert and can advise on the best solution to meet your needs. In situations where a client had a specific requirement that was not available in an ‘off the shelf’ product we have partnered with Memmert to design a customised solution. Case Study: Read about the drying oven with a special height that we worked on recently with Memmert. 

Services and Solutions from Mason Technology

Mason Technology and our Quality Assurance

With science impacting all levels of society, regulatory bodies strive for adequate standards, giving rise to a growing number of regulations in the pharmaceutical, biopharma, nutrition and beverage, and research and academia sectors.

At Mason Technology we have long since recognised the importance of Quality Assurance to our customers and we have held continuous certification to ISO standards since 1994. We are committed to continuous improvement, and this is backed up by our investment in an Integrated Management System (IMS).  This meets, at a minimum, the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 17025 (INAB).

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