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Temperature and Humidity Mapping – INAB (ISO 17025) accredited

Verify the temperature and humidity of your storage equipment or area

For organisations that work with temperature sensitive products, storing them in an area where the temperature or humidity is incorrect could result in costly damage to the products.  For such organisations, our Temperature and Humidity Mapping Service (including our INAB ISO 17025 accredited services) verifies the efficacy of temperature-controlled equipment or storage systems for clients.

A team of 15+ highly trained engineers, use the latest technology in temperature and humidity mapping equipment to determine if the equipment or storage area can maintain temperatures within defined limits.

Our Temperature and Humidity Mapping Services and the accompanying validation documentation can be customised to client-specific requirements.

  • General chambers such as ovens, incubators, CO2 Incubators, fridges, freezers, vacuum ovens. Additionally, water baths and temperature blocks
  • Autoclave and steriliser certification including tailored validation and load validation studies.
  • Temperature controlled walk-in rooms and warehouses including continuous monitoring on-site

Key Features

  • INAB (ISO 17025) temperature mapping of enclosures from -80oC to +300oC. For ranges see the table on the right.
  • Additionally, we offer ISO 9001 certified temperature mapping of enclosures
    • Cryogenic storage (-196 oC)
    •  Furnaces (+300oC to +1,100oC)
  • Mapping periods are flexible depending on customer requirements
  • Equipment validation services including tailored Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ).
  • Validation documentation can be customised to meet customer specific requirements
  • In-house and on-site service

INAB (ISO 17025) temperature mapping of enclosures

  • Ovens (30oC to +300oC)
  • Incubators (-10oC to +100oC)
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Fridges (+2oC to +8oC)
  • Freezers (0oC to >/=  -30oC)
  • Bath, Temperature Blocks & Circulators (-80oC to +300oC)
  • Stability Chambers (+10oC to +60oC, 20 To 85%rH)
  • Vacuum Ovens (+30oC to 300oC)

Why choose Mason Technology for your Temperature and Humidity Mapping?  

You will benefit from a comprehensive service that is delivered in accordance with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.  Our specialised and highly trained team of engineers use the latest state of the art technology in temperature and humidity mapping equipment including GE Sensing Validators, Ebro Wireless Data Loggers, Veriteq Remote Data Loggers and Ellab Wired logging system

Our INAB accredited calibration services

Mason Technology is the largest Irish owned scientific service solution provider in Ireland. With 240 years experience and INAB (ISO 17025) accreditation since 1994, we are committed to meeting our clients service requirements and assisting with your laboratory compliance through our range of services.

Download our INAB accredited services brochure below.

INAB Accredited Pipette Calibration

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