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BUCHI SyncorePlus Parallel Evaporator – SPECIAL OFFER

Purchase a BUCHI SyncorePlus from Mason Technology and get 20% off the list price.

This offer is valid until the 30th of December 2022.

About the BUCHI SyncorePlus Parallel Evaporator Systems

As the market leader in laboratory evaporation, BUCHI solutions now offer the SyncorePlus. This new solution for parallel evaporation offers a high level of convenience and quality. It comes in two configurations:

  • SyncorePlus Analyst: specially designed to evaporate samples to a specified volume as a pre-analytical step.
  • Syncore Polyvap: explicitly created with increased sample throughput in mind.

The SyncorePlus uses vacuum-vortex evaporation, which ensures the protection of volatile and heat sensitive analytes, even when using high boiling point solvents like water, DMSO or DMF.

The SyncorePlus system combines several innovative advantages that ben­efit your daily work: full automation and intelligent simple, reliable and economical parallel evaporation.

Download the SyncorePlus Systems brochure

BUCHI SyncorePlus Parallel Evaporator

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