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Current offers from Mason Technology on laboratory equipment and scientific solutions.

Olympus Evident microscope - Trade in offer.

Upgrade your microscope and save up to 20%


Upgrade to current microscopy technology while saving money with our exclusive trade-in deal.

Offer valid until September 2024.

Lyovapor L-200 - the first Freeze Dryer with Infinite-Control

Freeze Dryer Trade-in Deal


For a limited time, you can save 25% on the price of the Lyavapor L-200 Freeze Dryer when you trade in your old freeze dryer – any brand, any condition.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade to cutting-edge freeze drying technology while enjoying exclusive savings.

Offer valid until June 2024

Shimadzu - Chromatography LCMS, LCPMS, Spetroscopy
HPLC COLUMN - Shimadzu Columns - Mason Technology Ireland

Enjoy 15% discount off the list price on all Shimadzu columns

Take your research and analysis to the next level and save on Shimadzu HPLC and GC Columns. For a limited period, you can enjoy a remarkable discount of 15% off the list price.

Offer valid until September 2024

Buchi FlashPure Cartridges from Mason Technology

Enjoy 37% off on Selected Buchi FlashPure Cartridges

Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your chromatography processes while maximizing your savings on the FlashPure range up to 330g, including the popular 20mL, 50mL and 155mL FlashPure EcoFlex.

Offer valid until April 2024

Mini Spray Dryer S-300

Save 20% off a BUCHI Mini Spray Dryer S-300


Purchase a BUCHI Mini Spray Dryer S-300 today and get 20% off the list price when you trade in your current spray dryer.

Offer valid until April 2024.

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