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Upgrade to current microscopy technology while saving money with our exclusive trade-in deal.

Why upgrade your microscope?

Upgrading to a newer Evident microscope comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Technology: Advances in microscopy technology continually provide better imaging capabilities, higher resolution, and enhanced features.
  • Enhanced Comfort for Prolonged Use: Experience upgraded ergonomics to reduce the risk of competitive strain injuries, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable microscopy experience, even during extended use. Explore the ergonomic features available to the Olympus BX series.
  • Greater Clarity: Upgrade to a microscope that delivers increased clarity, minimising the strain on your eyes and providing a clearer view for effortless and strain-free observations.
  • Illumination Excellence with modern LED Technology: Explore homogenous illumination powered by state-of-the-art LED light sources, ensuring consistent and high-quality lighting for your samples.
  • Increased Efficiency: Upgraded microscopes may have faster imaging capabilities and improved automation, leading to increased efficiency in data collection and analysis. This is particularly important in research and clinical settings where time is a critical factor.
  • Impressive Colour Reproduction: Enjoy the benefits of high-resolution imaging systems that not only capture details swiftly but also provide improved colour reproduction, delivering vibrant and accurate visuals for your analysis.
  • Compliance in GMP Environments: Achieve peace of mind with microscope compatibility with compliance software adhering to 21CFRpart11 standards. Ideal for GMP environments, ensuring your microscopy processes meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.
  • Reliable Performance with Guaranteed Spare Parts: Invest in a microscope that offers not just cutting-edge features but also the assurance of guaranteed availability of spare parts, providing long-term reliability and support for your microscopy needs.

How much will my discount be?

Enjoy an exclusive 20% discount if your microscope is 25 years old or less. If your microscope is older than 25 years contact us to discuss your upgrade options.

Futureproof your lab with a new Evident microscope

Microscope trade-in offer

For a limited time, you can save 20% off* a new Evident microscope – any brand, any condition.

Offer ends on the 30th of September 2024.  

*Valid for microscopes up to 25 years old. If your microscope is older than 25 years old, contact us to discuss your upgrade options.

Microscope trade in offer available to all microscopes 3

How old is your Olympus microscope?

Olympus microscopy timeline

Not ready to trade-in?

If you are not ready to part ways with your current microscope, make the most out of it by upgrading parts, carrying out maintenance services and/or upgrading software.

If you want to upgrade to cutting-edge microscopy technology while enjoying exclusive savings, contact Michael today.

Michael is an internal sales specialist with expert knowledge of microscopy and the Evident range of products and their applications. Get in touch with Michael today if you would like further information on Evident microscopes.

Michael Rice Mason TechnologyMichael Rice
Internal Sales Specialist
E:      mrice@masontec.ie
M:     +353 1 415 4406

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