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midiPilot ® – Industrial glass reactor for small volumes


midiPilot ® – Industrial glass reactor for small volumes

Multipurpose industrial glass reactor for small volumes

  • Glass reactor: 20 to 30 liter
  • Pressure: -1.0 (FV) to +0.5 bar
  • Temperature: -60 °C (optional -90 °C) to +200 °C
  • Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3, PTFE, PFA, PEEK

A clean-room setup and other materials are available to meet your specific process requirements.

The Buchiglas midiPilot is our sturdy multipurpose glass reactor for small volumes. It is designed explicitly for kilo lab applications, chemical process development, and cGMP-compliant API syntheses.

The reactors’ explosion-proof design (ATEX) and inert materials allow the safe processing of solvents and acids in a completely sealed reaction vessel.

The compact reactor system can easily be modified: interchangeable reaction vessels of 20 and 30 litre including interchangeable stirrers are available. The glass reactor has a lifting / lowering device for easy and efficient opening and cleaning.

We produce complete solutions for chemical processing: Reactor systems including accessories like sampling devices, pH probes, rectification columns with structured packing, process monitoring and control as well as integration of auxiliary equipment such as temperature control units, nutsche filters/dryers, gas scrubbers or mixing vessels.


Standard glass reactor for small volumes package

  • 20, 30 litre jacketed glass reactor, interchangeable
  • Baffle with Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Continuous adjustable agitator speed, 0-600 rpm
  • Dry running mechanical seal
  • Compact stainless steel frame, table or floor model, mobile
  • ATEX Zone 1 (0), CE, cGMP
  • CIP capable
  • FDA conform, highly corrosion resistant
  • Complete documentation


Standard midiPilot options

  • Reactor lift for easy reactor opening, cleaning, and stirrer exchange
  • 3-wall reactor vessel for -90 °C chemistry
  • Glass distillation overhead
  • Sampling system
  • Probes for pH, others
  • CiP spray nozzle
  • IQ, OQ, PQ


Typical pilot plant reactors applications

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Extraction/evaporation
  • Purification/crystallization
  • Separation
  • API Synthesis
  • Peptide synthesis
  • Process development
  • Scale-up
  • Cryogenic reactions
  • Small scale production
  • Pilot plant/kilo lab

Download Pilot Plant Reactors 20-30l Brochure

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