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Mettler Toledo


The Mettler Toledo FreeWeigh.Net Compact provides you with peace of mind thanks to FDA, EU and GMP/GAMP regulation compliance and computer system validation (CSV).


FreeWeigh.NET® overview

  • Universal, standalone Statistical Quality Control (SQC) for any industry: FreeWeigh.Net Compact for Statistical Quality Control is a PC-based software solution that allows to control and fine-tuning of customer production processes. Flexibility and ease of use allow further optimization of production and increase quality and productivity. This Standalone solution can be easily upgraded to the fully networked version.
  • Compliance and production cost control: FreeWeigh.Net provides all relevant tools to avoid underfilling and comply with legal legislation, including its Audit Trail and 21 CFR Part 11 Modules. At the same time production process is still monitored to reduce undesired overfilling and provide your production cost optimization.
  • Comprehensive overview of quality processes: Use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to get early information about process deviations. Ensure targeted process results to be kept as specified.
  • Validation of Weighing Processes: Freeweigh.Net analyzes weighing data to continuously monitor critical process parameters. Comply with specific regulations regarding validation of computerized systems and handling of electronic records and signatures.


Comprehensive quality control with FreeWeigh.Net

Alongside checking the fill quantity, FreeWeigh.Net® also allows you to record, monitor and document a range of quality parameters – whether additional measured values, such as the tightness of a package, torque of a bottle cap or friability of a tablet. If the measuring device used has a data interface, the recorded values can also be automatically transferred to FreeWeigh.Net®.

Attributive quality parameters, such as expiry date, batch number, colour or taste can be recorded simply and quickly using the FreeWeigh.Net® attribute module and then visualized, for example in a Pareto chart.


Our software specialists install, support, and manage the software applications for clients some of whom operate in heavily regulated environments such as pharmaceutical, biopharma and the food and nutrition sector. Click here for more information.

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