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Whitley WASP Touch®

Don Whitley Scientific

Whitley WASP Touch®

The Don Whitley Scientific WASP Touch ® is a precision laboratory instrument designed to deposit accurate volumes of liquid sample in an Archimedes spiral onto the surface of a rotating agar plate. Spiral plating is well documented and validated as an effective method for the enumeration of microorganisms.

Designed for the needs of modern microbiology laboratories, the WASP Touch® is a fundamentally different spiral plater with no need for a separate vacuum source. With touchscreen operation the system is extremely simple to use and provides real cost savings and process improvements.

Whether you are working in the field of dental research, food microbiology, calculating antimicrobial concentration (MICs) or studying the microbiome, this robust, reliable device could really save time and money in your laboratory.

WASP Touch® provides Automated Intelligent Monitoring Software (AIMS) to guide you through set-up and daily check routines – ensures consistent trouble-free plating. Precise quantities of sanitising fluids are dispensed automatically to maintain optimum levels. This ensures effective and efficient sanitisation takes place.

The deposition profiles possible with WASP Touch® allow bacterial and fungal colonies to be enumerated over a 100,000-fold (5 log10) range, from a minimum of 20 cfu/ml in 1000 μl pour plate mode to a maximum of 2 x 10cfu/ml in 10 μl logarithmic mode. An optional Extended Volume Package is available, however, to allow for a greater number of replicates plates, linear deposition profile and a wider range of deposition profiles.

Spiral plating techniques are recognised in ISO 4833-2 & 7218 as well as the AOAC 977.27 standard.

Optional fully comprehensive maintenance and breakdown contracts are available to prolong the life of your investment. (Note: different arrangements apply in different countries).

WASP Touch ® Features:

  • Patented automatic sanitising system automatically maintains correct liquid levels in sanitising solutions.
  • Illuminated, covered working area.
  • Easy serviceability.
  • The sample may be aspirated from beakers, bottles and tubes – providing maximum flexibility in use.
  • Automatically log date, time, deposition, user name, and number of plates produced – a powerful diagnostic tool.
  • Flowsense – detects the movement of liquid through the WASP Touch®.
  • Sanitising system reservoirs are available in two sizes and can contain sufficient fluid for hundreds of wash cycles – perfect for busy laboratories.
  • Fully integrated vacuum waste system – occupies the smallest amount of bench width.
  • Side connectors for ease of access.

Download the WASP Touch ® Brochure

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