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MR Balances – Analytical and Precision Balances

Mettler Toledo

MR Balances – Analytical and Precision Balances

The Mettler Toledo MR laboratory balances are the go-to solution for accurate, convenient, robust, and versatile weighing needs. Engineered for precision and durability, these balances provide a seamless and flexible weighing experience, whether in a bustling laboratory or amongst the challenging conditions of a factory floor. Elevate your GWP with our dynamic MR balances, available with capacities ranging from 100 g to 6 kg.


MR Analytical and Precision Balances Overview

  • Multiple Interfaces: The built-in interfaces support error-free data transfer to a PC, peripheral devices, or local networks. Drop-to-cursor functionality is a simple solution that lets you send results to a spreadsheet on your PC without additional software.
  • User Management: By setting up different user groups and profiles, operators see just the functions and applications they need to carry out their tasks, simplifying processes and reducing errors. Passcode protection prevents settings from being modified accidentally.
  • Automatic Internal Adjustment: To ensure ongoing accuracy, you can set the balance to perform an adjustment automatically using the internal test weights. The adjustment can be performed at a scheduled time or whenever the balance detects a change in the ambient temperature.
  • Power-Saving Mode: To save energy and costs, as well as protect the environment, you can configure when your balance will automatically go into its ultra-low power mode, for example overnight and at weekends. It will also warm up to be ready for work at the time you choose.
  • Your Trusted Partner in Weighing: Incorporating decades of weighing expertise and innovation, our laboratory balances don’t compromise on quality or weighing performance. With precise and reliable balances, we are your long-term partner in every weighing measurement you make.


Features of the MR Laboratory Balances

  • Perfect for All Environments: These balances deliver consistently accurate results whether you’re weighing in a busy lab or in the challenging conditions of the factory floor.
  • Easy Integration: Multiple interfaces and MT-SICS commands make it simple to connect your MR balance to PLC and MES systems as well as other lab instruments.
  • Designed for Your Convenience: Automatic adjustment, guided leveling, and ErgoDoors simplify weighing tasks. Solidly built with smooth surfaces and rounded edges for easy cleaning.
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