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MX Balances – Analytical and Precision Balances

Mettler Toledo

MX Balances – Analytical and Precision Balances

Set a new standard in weighing excellence with the Mettler Toledo MX laboratory balances, designed for effortless integration into your lab infrastructure. These balances incorporate sophisticated software features for seamless data management while providing an ergonomic weighing experience that performs even the most demanding applications. Benefit from streamlined weighing processes and highly accurate readabilities as low as 0.00001 g with MX laboratory balances.


MX Analytical and Precision Balances Overview

  • Stay Up-to-Date with Routine Tests: Define your own routine testing schedule on the balance according to your internal quality requirements and process tolerances. Your balance will remind you when tests are due to be sure your results remain accurate.
  • Guaranteed Valid Results: StatusLight provides information on the balance status, so you can easily see if the prerequisites for valid results have been fulfilled. The status is included in the logged data together with the weighing results.
  • Flexible Integration Options: Multiple future-proof interfaces, such as Ethernet and USB, combined with MT-SICS commands make it easy and efficient to transfer weighing data to your existing company infrastructure, including other instruments and laboratory software.
  • Power-Saving Mode: To save energy and costs, as well as protect the environment, you can configure when your balance will automatically go into its ultra-low power mode, for example overnight and at weekends. It will also warm up to be ready for work at the time you choose.
  • Your Trusted Partner in Weighing: Incorporating decades of weighing expertise and innovation, our laboratory balances don’t compromise on quality or weighing performance. With precise and reliable balances, we are your long-term partner in every weighing measurement you make.


Features of the MX Laboratory Balances

  • Fast and Accurate Weighing Results: With the SmartPan’s unique design, the balance stabilizes quickly, even in turbulent environments, enabling faster and more efficient weighing.
  • GxP-Compliant Documentation: Comply with GxP guidelines with automatic data logging and user management. Transfer data to printer or PC for complete and error-free documentation.
  • Innovative Engineering: Clever design features provide an ergonomic weighing experience, while innovative quality assurance functions ensure accurate results.
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