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CM30 | Incubation Monitoring System

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

CM30 | Incubation Monitoring System

Culturing cells can be costly, complicated, and time-consuming. With the Evident CM30 incubation monitoring system, there’s a simple way to improve your culture process.


CM30 incubation monitoring system overview

  • Label-Free Cell Monitoring: With the CM30 system, there is no need to stain the cultures to monitor their status. It acquires quantitative data from label-free cells, reducing the chance of harm to your cultures.
  • Multipoint Cell Culture Monitoring: The system automatically scans multiple points in your culture vessel, providing periodic quantitative data about the health and confluency of your cultures.
  • Constant Analysis Parameters: The CM30 system uses image analysis technology based on machine learning to continuously measure and analyze the images acquired. Constantly visualizing the culture status as a quantitative value eliminates factors that cause variations in cell checks and contributes to the reproducibility and consistency of experiments.
  • Compare Data Across Multiple Samples: Using multiple heads helps you maintain a control sample while multiple test protocols run at the same time. Share your data with team members or compare it to past data.
  • Customize the Analysis Parameters to Suit Your Experiment: The CM30 system automatically performs confluency, cell counts, and colony counts from acquired images. You can configure the system’s analysis parameters to suit each cell culture’s conditions, such as cell type, culture conditions, or drug administered. Knowing the stepwise cell culture status at each timing improves the accuracy of the experiment.
  • Save Time with Automation: Improve your traditional microscopy-based workflow and get more accurate results in less time. By automating cell culture monitoring using the CM30 system, you can expand your research and use your time more effectively
  • No Need to Enter the Clean Room for Monitoring: Every time you enter the clean room, there is an operational cost for consumables and measurements. Now, you no longer constantly need to check cell culture status outside the incubator. You can reduce your costs by remotely checking the status of your cultures from outside the lab.
  • Accurately Time Cell Passage: Time cell passages consistently and without the subjectivity associated with manual counting. Based on your set standardized parameters, the software can indicate when your cells are ready for passage, helping prevent failures.
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