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CellXpert® C170 – Cell Culture Incubator


CellXpert® C170 – Cell Culture Incubator

CellXpert C170 or C170i cell culture incubator – What is the best choice for your needs?

The Eppendorf C170 is the more economical, basic version of the C170i. If you need, e.g. more future flexibility, O2 control, copper interior, humidity monitoring, advanced documentation, user management, or if you have a requirement for 180 °C disinfection – the C170i is recommended.


Innovative CO2 incubator heating concept

High temperature uniformity is required to compare cell growth in vessels at different locations inside the cell culture incubator. In the CellXpert, this uniformity is achieved by advanced microprocessor control and an innovative heating concept. This concept replaces the use of one or two temperature sensors (the second is almost always just used to control for harmful overtemperature) with multiple, independent sensors in different incubator locations. The power of this novel approach has been verified by measuring the temperature deviation among 27 spots inside the cell culture incubator – a measurement that is based on the German norm DIN 12880.


CellXpert C170 features

  • 140 °C sterilization routine
  • Dual-channel IR-sensor (no TC-sensor)
  • Up to 25 % more usable space by fanless design
  • Stainless-steel chamber without seams, ducts, covers etc.
  • Max. load per shelf: 10 kg/22 lbs
  • 2 access ports installed
  • No costly internal expendable parts like fan-associated HEPA-filters that require bi-annual replacement
  • Low gas consumption (<1 L CO2/24 h @5 % CO2, w/o door opening)
  • Removable water tray for safe and easy weekly cleaning and refill according to good cell culture practice
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