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CM-26dG and CM-26d Portable Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta

CM-26dG and CM-26d Portable Spectrophotometer

The Konica Minolta CM-26dG and CM-26d portable spectrophotometers are the successors of the widely used CM-2600d spectrophotometer. Portable sphere-type spectrophotometers with horizontal alignment, designed for maximum performance when measuring the colour of flat or large samples. These close tolerance devices perform measurements that include (specular component included – SCI) and exclude (specular component excluded – SCE) surface conditions in one measurement sequence, significantly faster than the previous generation.


The CM-26dG and CM-26d portable spectrophotometers

The CM-26dG and CM-26d models bring the industry’s highest level of accuracy with the CM-26sG capable of simultaneously measuring colour and gloss, and the CM-26d precisely measuring colour.


  • Portable Spectrophotometer
  • Wavelength range 360-740 nm
  • d:8° Sphere Geometry
  • Simultaneous SCI / SCE measurement
  • 2 Apertures SAV / MAV
  • UV calibration


  • As CM-26d with integrated 60° Gloss Sensor


2-in-1 instrument for measuring colour and gloss

The CM-26dG performs the job of two instruments by measuring colour and gloss simultaneously. The integrated gloss sensor will significantly improve the speed of the inspection process & remove the need for a separate gloss device.


The CM-26dG series of colour measurement portable spectrophotometers:

  • 2 measurement apertures: choice of either medium aperture measurement (8mm) or small aperture measurement (3mm), to adapt to small or patterned samples
  • Integrated ISO-compliant 60° gloss sensor (CM-26dG): gloss measurement data is captured and stored with colour data, greatly reducing the measurement and analysis time where both appearance characteristics are reported
  • Sample observation port: illuminated sample positioning window allows the operator to accurately and repeatably position the measurement aperture
  • Large colour display: simple user interface minimises the risk of operator errors and measurement data is displayed both numerically and graphically
  • Rechargeable battery: lithium-ion battery is charged via USB bus power and additional batteries can be charged with an external charger (optional)
  • Configuration Software: compatible with the CM-CT1 software that allows an administrator to configure multiple instruments quickly, lock device settings and perform remote troubleshooting and training over screen-sharing software
  • Close tolerance by default: maximise the accuracy and certainty of digital colour data throughout the supply chain, confident that all measurement data is traceable

Download CM-26d/CM-26dG Brochure

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