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Grundium Ocus | Single Slide Scanner with Olympus X Line Objectives

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

Grundium Ocus | Single Slide Scanner with Olympus X Line Objectives

The demand for remote image sharing and telepathology continues to grow, especially now that virtual collaborations are becoming the norm. Having the ability to easily scan slides and view images remotely provides flexibility for users at a distance and promotes open collaboration. Grundium Ocus is known for its single slide scanner, which is easily transportable and user-friendly and provides high-quality, high-resolution images.


Grundium Ocus single slide scanner with Olympus X line objectives overview

Ocus single slide scanner provides full local and remote control of the scanned image and live image. 

  • Scan the whole slide or regions of interest and add up to 5 optical z-sections.
  • Use Live View mode and view slides in real-time. Control the slide movement, magnification, and focus adjustment.

Capture Clear, High-Resolution Digital Slides

  • Ocus scanners incorporate Olympus X Line objectives, providing high numerical aperture (NA) and high resolution. Acquire high-quality images with sharp detail, precise colour reproduction and an even field of view, including the periphery.

Work Simply and Quickly

  • Ocus scanners are fast. The software can autoselect a region of interest for quick scanning, minimizing additional clicks and saving time. Easily add up to 5 optical z-sections while the continuous autofocus keeps the sample in focus throughout the entire scan.
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