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SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 | Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Evident Life Science (Olympus Scientific Solutions)

SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 | Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

We’ve combined some of our most advanced technologies to create a fast slide scanner that delivers microscope-quality images on screen. The Evident SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 scanner’s advanced technology facilitates the digital pathology workflow to help pathologists make diagnoses efficiently with images they can rely on.


SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 digital pathology slide scanner overview

With its high-speed and quality images, the SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 scanner supports customers looking to adopt or currently performing digital pathology.

  • Stunning, fully-in-focus whole slide images: images are exceptionally flat with high-resolution
  • Illumination made for pathology stains: the scanner’s LED light source mimics the colour temperature of halogen lamps to provide the colours necessary for pathology stains
  • Onscreen images are like looking through the oculars: the images are displayed on a high-color rendering, medical-grade monitor with automatic color calibration
  • Virtual slide tray mimics a physical slide book: quickly and easily arrange digital slides in a way that’s familiar to pathologists
  • View slides and patient information on one screen: the system easily integrates with your lab information system (LIS)
  • Securely share you slides: easily share slide images with other pathologists and experts


SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 key features

The SLIDEVIEW DX VS-M1 digital pathology slide scanner is scalable—for example, using two scanners would allow you to process 300 slides at a time—and configurable, so you can focus on speed or higher image quality.

  • Load slides smoothly and safely: slides are loaded vertically to reduce the chance of dropping them
  • Easy to operate while standing: the controls are easily accessible from a large touch screen
  • Fast: scan more than 80 slides per hour with no time-consuming focus mapping
  • Fewer rescans: the system’s AI identifies tissue on the slide to help make sure that all the tissue areas are scanned
  • Configure the scanner based on your preferences: three scan modes enable you to focus on speed, accuracy, or faintly stained/uneven samples
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