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GlanAir Particle Monitoring

NuWave Sensors

GlanAir Particle Monitoring

The NuWave Sensors GlanAir Controlled Environment Monitoring System (CEMS) provides automated 24-7 monitoring to verify acceptable particle ranges in controlled environments and cleanrooms. The system provides a real-time alarm in the event of a particle spike or contamination threat.

The GlanAir CEMS is a plug and play continuous monitoring system designed for ease of set-up and no-touch operation. The system comprises 4 core elements:

Monitoring devices

  • TD40 – particle counter + temperature/humidity
  • DP100 – differential pressure monitor
  • Range of additional sensor options

Plug & Play Connectivity

  • Zigbee protocol for superior coverage & reliability
  • Plug and play connection with wireless gateway
  • Up to 50 devices

HEX Software

  • View multiple buildings remotely
  • Monitor live particle status + real-time alerts
  • Particulate analysis tools

Ease of Integration

  • Secure presentation of live data
  • Integrates with SCADA, BMS or other host applications
  • Easy to use cloud API

NuWave Sensors GlanAir CEMS Monitoring Devices
TD40 – Particle Counter + Temperature/Humidity 

The TD40 is a high-precision particle monitor for detecting and characterising non-viable contaminants such as dust, mould, debris, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Particles from 0.35 to 40 μm in diameter are measured using a laser-based particle sensor and pump-less air flow system.

DP100 – Differential Pressure Monitor 
The GlanAir DP100 monitors the difference in pressure between two locations. The monitor is designed for long-term stability with high degree of accuracy and no zero-point drift.

GlanAir HEX Platform

HEX cloud software is used for monitoring live status for multiple devices at a glance. The software is subscription-free.​  With the software you can remotely view multiple buildings, check on the live status, access particulate analysis tools, and set real-time alerts

Ease of Integration of GlanAir CEMS

The system is designed for ease of integration. All data is available through the HEX OpenAPI 2.0 documented RESTful API.

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