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LumAir – Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System

NuWave Sensors

LumAir – Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System

The LumAir™️ Airborne Pathogen Monitoring System (APMS), developed by NuWave Sensors, provides 24-7 monitoring, detection and analysis of pathogenic threats, transforming traditional spot-checking and costly off-site analysis.  it comprises the LA200 pathogen detection monitor supported by the HEX software platform.  The user interface can be displayed on a desktop, tablet or on a mobile phone.  HEX is easily integrated with host applications.

NuWave Sensors LumAir LA200 Pathogen Detection Monitor

The LumAir LA200 is a patented microbial detection monitor.  The cartridges system contains cartridges that can be used for 2-week monitoring cycles.  The cartridges prevent cross contamination between monitoring cycles.  The LumAir LA200 has intelligent temperature and humidity control for optimum target pathogen growth conditions.

The LumAir LA200 significantly shortens contamination detection times enabling early intervention

  • Full process is typically 8-12 hours
  • Save days/weeks against traditional testing using laboratory sample processing
  • No separate incubation or analysis period
  • No preparation time for samples
  • Immediate alert via remote management system

NuWave Sensors LumAir monitor is easy to set up and operate

  • Once a cartridge is loaded monitoring is automatic meaning the LA200 can be operated by a non-technical person. Live status can be viewed for multiple devices on the user interface.

Continuous monitoring in the LA200 represents a paradigm shift away from one-off testing

  • Continuous air sampling
    Isolation of contamination sources with multiple monitored points
    Cloud based software to present live status

Established Agar Methodology 

The LA200 uses a culture-based agar methodology with a simple cartridge system. A sample of ambient air is drawn into the cartridge where pathogens have time to settle on the nutrient-rich and environmentally controlled detection site. Advanced image based processing of growth determines if microbial contamination is present.

Cartridges are designed to enable operatives to quickly and easily change without risk of cross contamination. The LA200 incorporates advanced control systems to maintain optimum conditions for pathogens to develop for detection.

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