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Flash­Pure Cartridges


Flash­Pure Cartridges

FlashPure Cartridges for a wide range of flash applications

Buchi‘s FlashPure are prefilled cartridges offered in a wide range of sizes, covering different stationary phases, particle sizes and geometries. This enables the user to choose the flash cartridge which best suits their purification needs.

  • Cartridge sizes:4 to 5000 g
  • Particle sizes:15 to 50 µm
  • Type of stationary phase:unbonded and bonded silica

High flexibility

  • Different sizes for scalability from milligrams to grams
  • Broad range of different normal and reversed phases
  • Small & spherical particles for fast separations and high loadings

Maximum convenience

  • RFID tag for an automatic transfer of important parameters for a run on a Pure chromatography system
  • Easy selection via the digital tool FlashPure Scout
  • Compatibility with the Pure Navigator software (flash method optimization by interpreting TLC or HPLC scouting runs)

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