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Innova® S44i – Stackable Incubator Shaker


Innova® S44i – Stackable Incubator Shaker

The Eppendorf Innova S44i is a large capacity, temperature controlled (refrigerated) stackable shaker allowing the use of high-volume flasks in large numbers in a compact footprint. The iconic slide up door provides easy access to your samples. The Eppendorf X-Drive allows for shaking high loads at high speeds – even when stacked. When there is an instance of an unbalanced load, the X-Drive’s counterbalance adjustment allows for smooth shaking. The optional photosynthetic LED lightbank provides the ability to evenly light the entire platform across a wide intensity range – and it’s programmable. The VisioNize touch interface introduces onboard monitoring, user management and the ability to export data via USB; or network integration via ethernet. A comprehensive service offering including IQ/OQ is also available.


Innova S44i overview

  • Maximum capacity: The Innova S44i has an optimized chamber, platform, and features to maximize your options and capacity. Achieving up to 136 % more capacity than the previous Innova 44 with a smaller footprint, up to 102 % higher flask capacity than competitor and allows double- or triple-stacking to increase capacity without sacrificing more valuable lab space.
  • Eppendorf X-Drive: The Eppendorf X-Drive is precisely engineered with five eccentric shafts to balance even the heaviest load while providing consistent and smooth shaking. The intelligent counterbalance technology of the Eppendorf X-Drive ensures vibration-free shaking even with uneven loads. This advanced technology senses imbalance and decelerates to a safe speed to protect you and your cultures.
  • Advanced control: The new touchscreen user interface of the Innova S44i offers more than just an easy operation. This multi-touch capacitive display makes all the information you need easy to monitor and track. Information is just one touch away in an intuitive operating, distinct design that allows the management of multiple users with different levels of authorization
  • Efficient lab and device management with VisioNize® Lab Suite: Are you interested in monitoring your lab devices and receiving notifications e.g., for device alarms? A digital, connected lab offers even more.Gain access to a modular range of digital services and choose what works for your lab. VisioNize Lab Suite offers everything you need as a Lab Manager or Scientist to get started to digitally manage your lab for increased sample security, compliance needs and maintenance management.


Features of the Innova® S44i

  • For higher plasmid or protein quantities: Up to twice as many flasks as other shakers (e.g. 15x/13x 2.5 L UltraYield™ or 39/36x 1 L Erlenmeyer flasks on dedicated/universal platform); 2x/3x stackable
  • Ready for high-speed expression protocols: Up to 400 rpm (orbit 25 mm/1 in) in all devices of a triple stack
  • True control with touch interface: All setpoints and current values are visible at a glance; Restrict access to change settings with user management
  • Optimized growth conditions: Speed accuracy +/- 0.5 rpm, temperature accuracy +/- 0.1 °C (at 37 °C), temperature uniformity +/- 0.25 °C (at 37 °C)
  • Made for 24/7 operation with high loads: Patented Eppendorf X-Drive with five shafts (four peripheral to support weight) for vibration-free shaking over years; Continuous imbalance monitoring and semi-automatic imbalance adjustment function
  • Easy door and platform handling: Space-saving door glides up and out of your way for easy access to all samples; Slide-out platform mechanism for one-handed operation
  • Programmability: Multistep or cyclic programming of temperature or speed rampings; Programmable LED intensity; unlimited program storage
  • Easy documentation and tracking: Data and event log (tracking of alarms, chamber temperature, rpm, door openings etc.) accessible via USB/User Interface or VisioNize® Lab Suite (touch enabled device)
  • Compatible with complementary systems: For example, microplate-screening systems like the Duetz-system or in-flask biomass monitoring systems like CGQ (Aquila)
  • Options and accessories: Orbit 25 or 51 mm (1 or 2 in); Photosynthetic LED light bank; Two positioning bases; Darkening window shade; Sticky pad platform; Remote monitoring, documentation and more with VisioNize® Lab Suite


Applications of the Innova® S44i

  • Grow bacteria, yeast, fungus, photosynthetic organisms
  • Plasmid DNA production and protein expression
  • Process optimization and media development
  • Media screening and optimization
  • Seed cultures for bioprocess scale-up
  • Biofuel research
  • Food quality testing
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