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New Brunswick S41i – CO2 Incubator Shaker


New Brunswick S41i – CO2 Incubator Shaker

The New Brunswick S41i is the only CO2 incubator with an Eppendorf shaker inside. The S41i precisely controls temperature, shaking speed, and CO2, providing the ideal environment for growing mammalian and stem cells in culture. Accepts flasks up to 4 liters. Standard perforated shelf allows for static incubation at the same time as shaking and a second static shelf can be added as an option.


New Brunswick S41i overview

Have a look at the smart and versatile solutions the S41i CO2 incubator shaker offers and compare it with your current solution.
• CO2 incubator with a built-in New Brunswick shaker
• High Temperature Disinfection (4 h at 120 °C) Standard
• Comprehensive and rapid analysis of real time and historical conditions
• Large, easy-to-read display for quick viewing of multiple parameters, help screens, trend graphs and diagnostics
• Intuitive controller lets you quickly change environmental and alarm settings, perform on-screen troubleshooting and diagnostics
• 72-hour continuous data logging and detailed record of temperature, alarms, door openings and environmental conditions
• Password protected settings and alarm set points


Features of the New Brunswick S41i

  • Experimental flexibility: Perforated shelf allows for static incubation at the same time as shaking
  • Stable, uniform and vibration-free shaking: robust Innova triple eccentric drive
  • Saves gas and provides an optimal growing atmosphere: Smart gas control (0.2 – 20% CO2)
  • Ensures surface sterility: automatic high temperature disinfection and inner/outer door
  • Fast and reliable cleaning: Smooth, seamless chamber
  • Increasable capacity: Two devices stackable
  • Precise and easy control: Intuitive touch screen
  • Humidification included
  • Shaking speed 25 – 400 rpm (stacked: 25 – 250/400 rpm for top/bottom unit)


CO2 Incubator Shaker applications

  • Culturing of suspension cells requiring gentle agitation
  • Protein expression
  • Adherent cells such as stem cells that require both incubation and periodic gentle shaking
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